Steel and Steel Structures

Steel Structures -
Steel Structures


Steel Structure is an important material of construction and its a modified form of iron. The iron is known to be the pioneer construction material and its name is also mention in our Holy Quran six times. In which Allah almighty says (Sura-Al-Hadeed) ” We sent down iron in which there is a strong power and benefits for the people”.

The steel is manufacture in steel industries in which a chemical reaction is executed to produce steel billets. There is a term twinching used in which the steel is heated upto critical temperature and the rapid coating in a desirable medium such as water and oil to obtain desired properties. Another term tampering is refer to heating the steel above critical temperature and then cooling it to freezing temperature followed by reheating it, to intermediate temperature require to give harden shape.

Carbon Content in Steel and Classification

The carbon content has major effect on steel properties such that steel hardens and tensile strength increases. By increase the carbon content upto 0.8%. Based on the %age of carbons the steel is classified is 

  • Mild Steel (Containing upto 0.25% of carbon)
  • Medium Carbon Steel (Containing upto 0.45% of carbon)
  • High Carbon Steel (0.5% – 1.5% carbon)

If small %age of others metal such as nickel, chromium and tungsten is added to steel that it produce alloy steel.

Steel Structures