Site Videos (Oil & Gas Company)

Base Concreting of RCC Ring Wall

Base Concreting

Bar-Bender Machine

Bar-Bender Machine

Beam Rebar Cage Placement through Crane

Beam Cage Placement

Plastering Work

Plaster of Block Masonry Work

Residential Project of Only Ground Storey

Residential Project

Oil Storage Tank Foundation Construction Step-by-Step

Oil Storage Tank Foundation Construction in Oil & Gas Plant

Sand Compaction Layer-by-Layer

Sand Compaction by Roller Compactor

Hard Strata During Excavation

Hard Strata During Excavation

PCC for RCC Ring Wall

PCC for RCC Ring Wall

Base Compaction for Oil Storage Tank Foundation

Base Compaction

Inspecting Starter Dimension

Starter of RCC Ring Wall

Workers meanwhile Concreting

Workers meanwhile Concreting

Bituminous Coat to Protect Sub-Structure from moisture

Applying Bituminous Coat

Evaporation Pond for storage of Chemically Toxic & Polluted Water

Evaporation Pond

Crane Activity

Crane Activity

Installation of Cathodic Protection for Detecting any Damaged in Oil Storage Tank Foundation

Installation of Cathodic Protection System

Shuttering Fail Due to inadequate Lateral Supports

Shuttering Fail Due to Inadequate Lateral Supports

Wall of Septic Tank Cracks due to Excavator exerted lateral Pressure

Cracks in Septic TAnk Wall

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