Concrete & Its Ingredients (%)

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Concrete is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate (Sand), coarse aggregate(Gravel), admixture and water.

It depends upon the ratio of concrete that which ingredients use in which proportion. Normally the percentage (%) of ingredients use in concrete are given below.

Ingredients (%)

Range of Percentage (%) of each ingredients are given below:

  1. Cement: 7% to 15%
  2. Aggregates (fine & Coarse): 60% to 75%
  3. Water: 14% to 21%
  4. Admixture: 4% to 10%
  5. Air (Entraped): 4% to 8%
Concrete and Its Ingredients %

Types of Cracks in Concrete

1)Fast Drying Concrete Cracks

It occures due to fast drying of water from concrete due to evaporation.

2) Over weighted Concrete Cracks

This cracks occure due to Overloaded Structure or heavy weight on structure and it generally leads to the total failure of that structure.

3)Settling Cracks

This type of cracks occures due to settlment of soil or any other subsurface under that concrete.

4)Plastic Shrinkage Cracks

This type of cracks occure due to excess of water in concrete mainly on its surface during concreting.

5)Heaving Cracks

This type of Cracks occures due freezing and thawing cycle in concrete.

6) Expansion Cracks

It occures due expansion of concrete in hot season.