Videos of Residential Projects

  1. Termite Treatment on Soil Before Plain Concrete for Foundation
Termite Treatment

2. To Check the Verticality of vertical Member

3. To Check the 90o

To Check 90o

4. Full Process of Residential Building Construction

Construction Stepwise

5. Anti-termite Treatment

Anti-Termite Treatment

6. Use of Pipe Level



7. Rebars Weighing Process in Factory

Rebars Weighing

8. Rain Water Draining

9. Stairs Layout Process

Stairs Layout Process

10. Soldier Piles

Soldier Piles

11. Concreting of Parapet Wall

Concreting of Parapet Wall

12. Backfilling


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Anti-Termite Treatments

The treatments which make a building and its contents termite, proof are known as anti-termite treatments.

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Transfer Effect of termite

Purposes of Anti-termite Treatments

  • To prevent the possible invasion of subterranean termites from the ground to the building and its contents through external entry or internal attack from under floors.
  • To eliminate the existing effect of dry-wood termites and subterranean termites on wood work, cellulosic material and other contents of a building and to make them resistant to termite attack for future.

Types of Anti-termite Treatments


The anti-termite treatment measures adopted at the time of construction of a building are known as pre-constructional treatments. The soil adjacent or under the building are treated before the construction of building with suitable insecticides or treating solution.

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Pre-Constructional Treatment


The anti-termite treatment measures employed during the construction of building are known as constructional treatments. This provide in the form of masonry groove or termite shield or string course and cement concrete apron floor, solid type floor, etc during construction.

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During Construction treatment


The anti-termite treatment measures adopted in existing building are known as Post-Constructional Treatments. It is the anti-termite treatment consists of treating the wood work and wooden based materials of an existing building with a suitable chemical termiticide solution.

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Treatment in Existing Building