Structural Engineering

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(A) Concrete Structures

(1) (a) Nominal Mix & Design Mix of Concrete (b) Nominal Mix & Design Mix of Concrete

(2) Retrofitting of RCC Structures

(3) Column & Its Types

(4) Concrete & Its Ingredients

(5) Factors Affecting Concrete Strength

(6) One-Way & Two-Way Slabs

(7) Types of cracks in Concrete

(8) Types of Supports in Real Structures

(9) Shear Walls

(B) Building Codes

(1) Building Prescribed Codes & General Guidelines

(C) Structural Analysis & Design

(1) Structures Design Philosophies

(2) Structural Analysis Methods

(3) Structural Framing Systems of RC Structures

(4) Factor of Safety (FoS)

(5) Balanced Section, Over-Reinforced Section & Under-Reinforced Section of RCC Structures

(6) Area Moment of Inertia Vs Mass Moment of Inertia

(D) Steel Structures

(1) Steel & Steel Structures

(2) Properties & Shapes of Steel Structures Elements

This is some specific topics related to Structural Engineering and will be updated as new posts uploaded and general topics related to Structures you can find in Special Topics on the same website.

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