About Civil-Ideas

The sole purpose and our main Motto of this Website and all the linked social media sites here are to facilitate, motivate and guide all the Civil Engineers in their studies and careers. The basic function and purpose of all the publications on this website (civil-ideas) to linked the civil Engineers to the industries where they can apply all their Academics knowledge they have to the construction industries, so that they can revolutionized the field of civil Engineering. This Website and all the linked social media sites here will made you understand the concepts and Real Science behind the Civil Engineering phenomena you may come across everyday life. Our aim to explain and demonstrate things in the simplest, interesting and in innovative way so that no one get bored anymore in the field of Civil Engineering. Certainly Civil Engineering is full of opportunities to Research, Renovate and build structures and communities that can serve up to thousands of years. This is the field where real structures build, that’s why the construction business called a real estate. You can contribute and well be honoured by just comments your great thoughts here.

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