Bar-Bending Schedule (BBS)

Bar-Bending Schedule (BBS) is the detail about cutting of rebars and quantity of rebars in a RCC Building,Bridges or any other RCC Construction project. It is clearly shows the cut length of rebars for each elements e.g footing, beams, column, slabs etc. This document is very helpful for steel fixers to follow the cutting of rebars for each elements. Everything is mention in a systematic tabular order e.g No. of Bar, Bar C/C Spacing, Size of bars, length of Bars, Weight of Bars. I have attached the sample of BBS format ate the End.

General Format of BBS

Watch the Videos below to know about the basics of this Document.


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Bill of Quantities (BoQ)

In this article I have explained about the BoQ and how to prepare this documents during before construction, During & After Construction work. Every Civil Engineers should be able to prepare a BOQ of Construction Work. For 1st time who prepare the BoQ is an Estimation Engineer who may be from client/consultant representatives whom want to construct some facilities want to hire a suitable contractor for that to execute. So if you are working with a contractor who want to won and execute the project then you must be able read your construction project Drawings and specifications because all the details and measurement of the specific activities are derived from the project drawings especially Structural drawings.


“Bill of Quantities is a document formulated/prepared in the construction industry to specify Materials, Labors, and their cost”

It is Construction bidding or costing document that contains an itemized list of required works, activities,task materials, parts, elements, labor (with their costs), terms and conditions under which a contract is to be left to construct, maintain, or repair a specific structure.

BoQ Preparation

BoQ is mainly prepared from construction drawing during and after construction. After specified times of period and specific activities performed then you can claimed that work in the form of BoQ. So first of all you have to receive all the drawings related to your construction especially Structural Drawing which is prepare by a Professional Structural Engineer. The use of BoQ is Before Construction (Tendering) and During or After Construction are discussed briefly:

1) Before Construction BoQ (During Tendering)

The BoQ of all the related activities are prepared from Drawings of the project for tendering purposes. The main purpose of that when tendering the project, every contractor can Quot their respective Unit Rates with respective activities for that tender and that tender documents will prepare by the Estimation Engineer may be of clients or Consultants whoever want to tender the project. That’s why the after quoted your rates (if you want to won the project) w.r.t each activities in the tender documents then submit it in the respective government or may a private bodies’ office at the prescribed date. The person which is responsible for preparing and evaluating the BoQ is Quantity Surveyor/Estimation Engineer. The client may be government or private bodies’ then thoroughly evaluate the contractor Unit rates and their respective performances and experience. Then award the project to the selected contractor.

2) During or After Construction (BoQ)

When the contract is award to the contractor then all the details are documented by the government in which it is clearly mention that the contractor can claim there BoQ at some specific period during construction it may be 3 months,4 months, 6 months etc or if the project is short enough that it can complete in a month then also claim it after a month.

Construction Consultant’s or Contractor’s representatives has to prepare the BoQ of all the related activities from Construction project drawings and project specifications. The BoQ he claimed should be completed at that time. In some cases the BoQ is claimed by the Consultant or Contractor are not completed but it is illegal in most cases. Infact it is depend upon the type of agreement between the two parties.

The BoQ which is claimed by the Construction Consultant’s or contractor’s representatives should justified every quantity mentioned in the BoQ by measurement or abstract sheets.

So Watch the video given below, I have discussed a Real-time BoQ format and all the details:


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