Building Code of Pakistan (2021)


In this Blog I have discussed briefly the Building Code of pakistan (BCP) and in detail you can understand it when you study and practice it. You can download the updated version by just click on the link given at the end.


As Pakistan lies on a seismic junction of three major tectonic plates of the world including Eurasian, Indian and Arabian. The Building Code of pakistan-Seismic Provision-2007 (BCP-SP-07) was compiled Under PEC Governing Body in collaboration with National Engineering service Pakistan (NESPAK), Industry Practitioners, Ministry of science & Technology, Ministry of housing & Society and some other organizations along with assistance provided by the International Code Code (ICC) and American Concrete Institute (ACI). The need of that code was become crucial need due the safety was compromised in building designing and construction after the severe earthquake occurs in October, 2005 which causes about 87,000 casualties and 780,000 Building collapsed and 2.5 million people were homeless along with economic loss about PkR 441 Billion (US $2.3 billion)

Revised/Updated Code (BCP-2021)

The Building Code is abide to revise after every five years or earlier when needed but BCP-SP-07 was not revised since long time and now after long research shown that the Earthquake magnitude is enhanced in the last decade which becomes the necessity to revised the code.

As the previous Code (BCP-Sp-07) was taken from UBC-97. Now the UBC-97 is almost obsolete in all developed Nations. The updated version (BCP-2021) is based on International Building Code (IBC-2021) which the International Building Code (ICC) grant its permission under International Copyright Act.

With this upgradation of code the Performance Based Design (PBD) Philosophy which is advanced design Philosophy which employ the Non-Linear dynamic Analysis or Time history Analysis can also be used. Which now many country used this method in order to design the structure on the basis of the real response to the Earthquake forces rather than conventional code based Method.

The new code is based on IBC-2021, ASCE 41-17, ASCE 7-16 and ACI 14-19 and some other by give a proper citation of each Code.

Download BCP-2021

Author: Engineer-Nisar

Civil Engineer

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