Irrigation Engineering and Techniques

Irrigation Engineering and Techniques

Irrigation Engineering

Definition:“To Irrigate Land by means of artificial techniques when rain precipitation doesn’t Satisfy its requirements is called Irrigation Engineering”

Techniques Used in Irrigation Engineering

The following Techniques used in Irrigation Engineering while irrigating Land:

(1) Surface Irrigation

Definition: “To provide water directly to soil surface from a channel located at the upper reach of the field, is called Flow Irrigation or Surface Irrigation”

Surface Irrigation further Divided into Seven (7) Types:

  • Free Flooding Irrigation
  • Check Flooding Irrigation
  • Check Basin Irrigation
  • Border Method of Irrigation
  • Furrow Irrigation
  • Sub-Surface Irrigation
  • Sprinkler Irrigation
(2) Lift Irrigation

Definition: “To Lift water from under-ground surface or sub-surface by any means and provide it to irrigate land is called Liff Irrigation.

Lift Irrigation is Uses Two (2) Sources to get Water from Sub-Surface:

(1) Deep Well

(2)Open Well

  • Chorus Or Mote
  • Persian Wheel (Rahat)
  • Door
  • Archimedian Screw
  • Dhenkli or Lot

Irrigation Engineering and Techniques used while irrigating Land

Author: Engineer-Nisar

Civil Engineer

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