Required Dimensions of Water Tank

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After reading this article you will be able to find out all the dimensions of water tank as per requirements.

So lets assume that Volume of Water required for one person per day is 135 liters


  • Drinking = 5 liters
  • Cooking = 5 liters
  • Bathing and Toilet = 85 liters
  • House Cleaning = 10 liters
  • Cloth Washing = 30 liters

Total Water 135 liters per day/capita

Q: Design the Water Tank for 12 members of family.

So lets find out all the dimensions of the water tank to fulfill all the requirements.

Total water requirement is = 12 x 135 =1620 liters per day required

We Know that

Density of water is 1 cum = 1000 liters

1 liter= 1/1000 cum

1 liter = 0.001 cum

Our Water Requirement is 1620 liters

So, 1620 x 0.001 cum = 1.62 cum (Volume of water)

Assume Height of water tank = 1.5 m

Find Area of Tank = 1.62/1.5 =1.08 sqm

To find the Length and Width of Water tank we have to take the Square Root of the Area

After taking the Square root you will find = 1.039

Dimension of the Water Tank

  • Height = 1.5 m
  • Length = 1.039 m
  • Width = 1.039 m

Author: Engineer-Nisar

Civil Engineer

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