Dampness and It’s Effects & Causes



The access or penetration of moisture contents inside a building through its walls. floors on roof is known as dampness.

Dampness is not only injurious to buildings but it affects adversely the health of their inhabitants. it becomes, therefore,essential to know the causes of dampness and methods of its prevention so that the buildings can be constructed damp-proof.

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Effects of Dampness

Following are the common ill or harmful effects of Dampness in a Building.

  • It causes dry rot to the wooden members provided in the building.
  • It cause corrosion of metals used in the construction of a building.
  • It causes peeling off & removal of the plaster.
  • It causes the paints to get blistered & bleached, and the surface thus gets disfigured.
  • It causes floors of the building to remain ugly since they cannot be cleaned well.
  • Carpet, if used on floor of a damped building, gets destroyed earlier.
  • All electric installations get deteriorated.
  • It causes efflorescence which affects the exposed surface of the brickwork to disintegrate and fall to powder.
  • It reduces the life of the structure as a whole.
  • It causes unhygienic conditions for the occupants of the building and affects adversely their health.
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Effects of Dampness

Causes of Dampness

  • Rain penetration
  • Drainabililty of Soil
  • Defective Orientation
  • Moisture entrapped during construction
  • Defective Materials
  • Defective Construction
  • Moisture which originates in the building itself
  • Level of Site
  • Climatic Conditions.
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Main Causes of Dampness

Author: Engineer-Nisar

Civil Engineer

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